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Purchase Information

Purchase Information

(Date: June 13, 2014)

Where you can find our product

All of our albums (CDs, DVDs, LPs and MCs) are also available through the normal channels of music distribution. Please contact your local record store.  Digital Only Releases are available at all relevant Download Music Stores.

Shipping Costs
The shipping costs are based on the weight of the goods you purchase as well as on the distance from our warehouse in Nuernberg / Germany to the shipping address given by you. The total costs of the entire shipment will be displayed after you finish your shopping and click the button "Check Out".
Not included are any extra shipping costs like "Express Delivery", "Overnight Delivery", "Delivery by Registered Mail", "Delivery by FedEx" or "Delivery by COD" if requested by the customer. These additional costs will be billed separately on the invoice which you receive with the shipment of the goods or in case that you want to pay in advance then these costs will be mentioned to you either by email or on your proforma invoice which you will receive in connection with your request for payment in advance.
Not included are any costs for customs clearance, duty or any other kind of import duties or taxes that might appear in the country the goods are shipped to.

Extra invoice by post
Should you wish to receive just the delivery note with the goods but a separate invoice by post, a charge of EURO 2.00 for orders from foreign European countries and a charge of EURO 1.00 for domestic orders and will appear on your invoice.

We accept payments by Credit Card (Visa and MasterCard) and PayPal.
From customers in Germany and within the EEC we also accept payments in advance by electronic bank transfer. You will receive the particular bank details after you have placed your order. Please be sure to use the S.W.I.F.T.- Code and IBAN when you transfer money.

All payments should be made in Euro.

Please make sure that you are debited for all bank fees (in your country and in Germany), otherwise we might refuse delivery.
Please do not forget to include your name written in the same way as on your order in our online shop and include the order number from our online shop. You will find the order number on the print version of your order.