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Exit Marrakech [Niki Reiser]

Exit Marrakech [Niki Reiser]
Product No.:CST 8170.2

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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music composed by Niki Reiser

(Beyond Silence, Nowehere in Africa)

Caroline Link (Academy Award® winner) on the soundtrack:
"Niki Reiser has been my faithful companion from the very beginning, since my first film “Beyond Silence”. His unique ability to express depth and truth along with a great empathy for the protagonists in the story, has once again enhanced my film narrative. Exit Marrakech conveys an atmosphere of alienation, danger, disquiet and wanderlust. Niki’s music instrumentally narrates the spirit of a seventeen-year old runaway and his wish to confront and to venture out. Traditional Moroccan instrumentation weaves through the soundtrack, while at the same time there are upbeat and modern pieces which take us on a far-reaching journey along with the two main characters. If it weren’t for Niki Reiser’s music, my films would definitely be lacking an essential dimension."

EXIT MARRAKECH by Academy Award® winner Caroline Link is a compelling drama with a superb cast including Ulrich Tukur (John Rabe, The White Ribbon, The Lives of Others), Josef Bierbichler (A Year Ago in Winter, The White Ribbon), Hafsia Herzi (The Secret of the Grain, House of Tolerance), Marie-Lou Sellem (No Regrets, Gangs) and Samuel Schneider, who drew widespread acclaim for his acting debut in Boxhagener Platz in 2010.

EXIT MARRAKECH is the second collaboration of Caroline Link and producer Peter Herrmann. Their first was the immensely successful Nowhere in Africa, for which Caroline Link was awarded an Academy Award® in 2003. Peter Herrmann is also the producer of The Pursuit of Unhappiness and Desert Flower.

Story: Troubled teenager Ben (17) unintentionally confronts his father Heinrich (Tukur), a successful German theatre director staging a play in Marrakesh, with his past and his neglected responsibilities. After a falling out with his estranged father, Ben loses himself in the shadowy Medina and sleazy nightclubs of Marrakesh, where he meets a feisty Berber girl Karima (18) and follows her to her hometown, far beyond the city and across unfamiliar and barren land. She helps him gain the courage to stand up to his father.

Quelle: IMDB - Written by Anonymous


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Cat.-No.:     CST 8170.2
German Title:     Exit Marrakech
Format:     CD
Barcode:     4005939817022
Release Date:     2013-12-06
Website D:     www.exitmarrakech.de
Music:     Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Composer:     Reiser Niki
Starring:     Ulrich Tukur, Josef Bierbichler, Marie-Lou Sellem, Samuel Schneider, Hafsia Herzi
Director:     Caroline Link
Discs:     1
Genre:     Drama

  • Available at the Download Music Store of your choice

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