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Chez Gino [Michel Korb]

Chez Gino [Michel Korb]
Product No.:CST 8156.2

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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music composed by Michel Korb

The Film:
Gino, who has been living in Brussels for thirty years, runs a pizzeria bought with his wife's savings. His life is shaken by the news of the imminent death of his uncle in Italy, a Mafia godfather who has made millions by his illegal activities. A large inheritance is promised to Gino. The only problem is that to claim it, he must prove to his uncle that he really has become, like he has been telling the uncle, a formidable godfather reigning over all the pizzerias in Brussels. Gino therefore commissions a documentary to be made about him and his family that is supposed to show them as big-time gangsters. However, the shooting of the film doesn't go quite as smoothly as planned, his family rebels, the crew ignores Gino's orders, Gino tends to mistake his character for reality, and when a real Mafioso, convinced that someone is trying to take over his turf, enters the scene, all hell breaks loose.

 Gino, installé depuis vingt ans à Bruxelles, tient une pizzeria de troisième zone achetée avec les économies de son épouse Simone. Son morne quotidien, fait essentiellement de disputes familiales avec ses deux enfants Marco et Maria, est bouleversé par la nouvelle de la mort prochaine de son oncle d'Italie, un redoutable " bandit d'honneur " rendu milliardaire par ses activités illicites. Une grosse part d'héritage est promise à Gino. Seul hic, il lui faut pour la toucher prouver à son oncle qu'il est bien devenu, comme il le lui a raconté, un redoutable parrain régnant sur toutes les pizzerias parisiennes. Gino commande alors à un réalisateur de quatrième ordre un documentaire sur lui et sa famille censé les présenter comme des truands de grande envergure. Seulement le tournage ne se passe pas tout à fait comme prévu, sa famille se rebelle, l'équipe se montre récalcitrante aux ordres de Gino qui a tendance à se prendre pour son personnage et quand un vrai maffieux, persuadé qu'il a affaire à un nouveau concurrent s'en mêle, c'est la panique.

The Composer:
Michel Korb was born in 1960 in Paris and first studied the piano, then the flute, before turning to composition. He finished his studies at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and in 1984 was awarded his diploma in film scoring. While following a jazz programme, Michel Korb came to explore various other areas of music, including world music, classical music and electronic music. His love for music drew him more and more into cinema. To date, he has composed the scores to several feature length films, including Hiner Saleem's  “Vodka Lemon” and  by Ronit & Shlomi Elkabetz's  “To Take a Wife”. He has also conducted several orchestras, including the London Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestre de Paris, and the European Orchestra.

Michel Korb est né en 1960 à Boulogne Billancourt et a étudie le piano, puis la flûte, avant de s’orienter vers l’écriture musicale. Il achève ses études au Berklee School of Music de Boston et obtient en 1984 son diplôme de film scoring. Ensuite, et parallèlement à son cursus jazz, Michel Korb explore d’autres univers et travaille avec Didier Malherbe, Renaud Pion, Philippe Smadje et Roland Romanelli, puis ses passions le guident de plus en plus vers le cinéma.

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Cat.-No.:     CST 8156.2
German Title:     Chez Gino
Format:     CD
Barcode:     4005939815622
Release Date:     2011-03-22
Website US:     www.marsdistribution.com/film/chez_gino
Music:     Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Composer:     Korb Michel
Starring:     José Garcia, Anna Mouglalis, Jean-Louis Trintignant
Director:     Samuel Benchetrit
Feature:     Gino, who has been living in Brussels thirty years, runs a pizzeria bought with his wife's savings. His life is shaken by the news of the imminent death of his uncle in Italy, a Mafia godfather who has made millions by his illegal activities. Gino learns that he has to show himself and his family as big-time gangsters in order to claim the inheritance
Discs:     1
Genre:     Comedy

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Thursday, 17. March 2011.