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Hochzeitspolka (aka: WESELNA POLKA ) [Jakob Ilja]

Hochzeitspolka  (aka:  WESELNA POLKA )  [Jakob Ilja]
Product No.:CST 8147.2

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Frieder found not only a good job as the Polish branch manager of a German tools factory, also by now he feels at home in there. When his old German school friends surprisingly arrive at his wedding with Gosia, the party gets out of control and what starts off as minor taunts between the Polish and Germans soon develops into serious conflicts....

The Music: The beautifully composed soundtrack perfectly mirrors the different moods of the film. It ranges from happy to melancholic and includes time-honoured popular tunes by Andrzej Szczupak’s wedding band that plays at every wedding held from Krakow to Katowice. Adapted especially for the film is the Polish version of the classic “Eisgekühlter Bommerlunder / Zamrazona Wyborowa“ by Die Toten Hosen. Also included is the indie rock song by the film band, Heide Hurricane, made up of Christian Ulmen, Fabian Hinrichs, Waldemar Kobus, Lucas Gregorowicz and Jens Münchow. Jakob Ilja’s sensitive score has a catchy love theme and its main theme is inspired by the polka.
Director Lars Jessen makes this observation about Jakob Ilja’s work. “The music “leads”, sets the tone and structures the film. In contrast to our former collaborations, the score does not merely accompany the scenes but takes the initiative. This principle climaxes in the terrific slapstick-style chase scene in which Jakob Ilja pulls out all the stops and gives it his all with the clarinet and accordion!”

The Composer: Jakob Ilja has made a name for himself as a musician, producer and composer of sound tracks. A founding member of and guitarist with Element of Crime he also played with the 17 Hippies between 1995 and 2008.  Ilja has been working as a film composer since 2002.  His compositions include music for the films Schwerkraft (2010), Dorfpunks (2009), Ganz nah bei dir (2009, Max Ophüls film festival audience prize). Robert Zimmermann wundert sich über die Liebe (2008, together with Element of Crime; nominated for the Deutscher Filmpreis in the best film music category), Herr Lehmann (2002, theme music), Am Tag als Bobby Ewing starb (2004, various songs awarded the Max Ophüls Prize 2005), Halbe Treppe (2001, together with the 17 Hippies; Silver Bear 2002) and Du bist nicht allein (2006). At the SCIFE film festival in Seville, Spain, he won the prize for best film music for the short film Tengo un Secreto (2008).  In 2003, he composed the music (at the Berliner Ensemble) for Leander Haußmann’s production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Jakob Ilja was born in 1959 in Berlin, the city which is still his home.

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CD 1 Artist Title Time
1 Die Toten Hosen Zamrozona Wyborowa / Eisgekühlter Bommerlunder 03:05
2 Jakob Ilja Wildnis 00:41
3 Jakob Ilja Hochzeitspolka 01:12
4 Jakob Ilja Frieder & Gosia 01:27
5 Jakob Ilja Der Besuch 01:02
6 Jakob Ilja Stress 00:49
7 Jakob Ilja Zur Kirche 01:01
8 Jakob Ilja Hochzeitsfeier 01:47
9 Andrzej Szczupak & Band Hej Sokoly 05:33
10 Jakob Ilja Jonas nervt 01:41
11 Andrzej Szczupak & Band Szla Dzieweczka Do Laseczka 03:35
12 Heide Hurricane Eisgekühlter Bommerlunder 01:57
13 Andrzej Szczupak & Band Czarne Oczy (Gdybym Mial Gitare) 03:01
14 Andrzej Szczupak & Band Ore, Ore (My Cyganie ) 04:49
15 Jakob Ilja Der Rausschmiß 00:54
16 Jakob Ilja Frieder & Gosia im Streit 02:16
17 Jakob Ilja Die Jagd 01:21
18 Jakob Ilja Auf der Flucht 1 02:32
19 Jakob Ilja Auf der Flucht 2 01:20
20 Jakob Ilja Der nächste Morgen 01:47
21 Andrzej Szczupak & Band To Jest Samotnosc 04:56
22 Heide Hurricane My name is Lee 01:26
23 Frieder (Christian Ulmen) & Gosia (Katarzyna Macia Eisgekühlter Bommerlunder 03:02
Cat.-No.:     CST 8147.2
Format:     CD
Barcode:     4005939814724
Release Date:     2010-09-24
Website D:     http://www.hochzeitspolka.x-verleih.de/
Music:     Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Composer:     Ilja Jakob
Starring:     Christian Ulmen, Katarzyna Maciąg, Fabian Hinrichs, Waldemar Kobus, Lucas Gregorowicz
Director:     Lars Jessen
Feature:     Jakob Ilja's great score perfectly mirrors the different moods. Tthe soundtrack features songs by Die Toten Hosen ( a polish version of Eisgekühlter Bommerlunder/Zamrozona Wyborowa) , Heide Hurricane, Andzej Szczupak & Band and the impressive Bommerlunder version by Frieder & Gosia.
Discs:     1
Genre:     Comedy

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