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Life Is All You Get [Jürgen Knieper, Christian Steyer]

Life Is All You Get  [Jürgen Knieper, Christian Steyer]
Product No.:CST 8135.2

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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music composed by Jürgen Knieper, Christian Steyer

An aimless Gen-Xer, Jan Nebel, literally runs into Miss Right while walking home from a disastrous one-night stand. Unfortunately, he meets Vera in the middle of a Berlin street riot. Even more unfortunately Jan accidentally knocks down two plain-clothes cops who are pursuing her. Before he's arrested, however, he manages to make a good impression on the beautiful young woman.

Review: "Director and co-writer Wolfgang Becker weaves a loose, wry and finally tender tale around Jan (Vogel) and his meandering negotiation of the various people in his life: enigmatic lovers, grown-up drop-outs, washed-up lonely parents, irresponsible (incomprehensible) siblings, drifting immigrants, and men with bad haircuts (for this is Germany). A neater film would have given the script another couple of drafts, but the ill-defined narrative is part of the tentative fly-by-night charm. Being about the quixotic, unpredictable paths to reconstructing a social family, it sees opening up to someone as, in the end, an affirmative act of faith and optimism." http://www.timeout.com/

Finally available, the film music to the German cult movie was composed by Jürgen Knieper and Christian Steyer,  introducing the "Baustellen Orchester Berlin"

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1 Baustellen Orchester Berlin Titelmusik 02:07
2 Baustellen Orchester Berlin Jenni 01:31
3 Lothar Hensel Veras Geheimnis (Tango kurz) 01:56
4 Baustellen Orchester Berlin Papa ist tot 03:32
5 Baustellen Orchester Berlin Jan & Lilo 03:29
6 Baustellen Chor Berlin Mystic Choir 01:29
7 Baustellen Chor Berlin Jans Gläsermusik 03:07
8 Baustellen Orchester Berlin Titelmusik (Reprise) 02:54
9 Baustellen Chor Berlin, Errol Shaker Walk With Me 02:08
10 Baustellen Orchester Berlin Verfolgung 01:54
11 Baustellen Orchester Berlin Nichts geht mehr 03:18
12 Lothar Hensel Wo ist Vera ? (Tango lang) 02:13
13 Baustellen Chor Berlin Bonus Track: Mystic Choir (Xaver Naudascher edit) 04:08
Cat.-No.:     CST 8135.2
German Title:     Das Leben ist eine Baustelle
French Title:     La vie est un chantier
Format:     CD
Barcode:     4005939813529
Release Date:     2009-12-11
Music:     Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Composer:     Kneiper Christian Steyer
Starring:     Jürgen Vogel, Christiane Paul, Ricky Tomlinson, Armin Rohde, Martina Gedeck
Director:     Wolfgang Becker
Feature:     The film music to the German cult movie was composed by Jürgen Knieper and Christian Steyer, introducing the "Baustellen Orchester Berlin"
Discs:     1
Genre:     Drama
Orchester:     Baustellen Orchester Berlin, Baustellen Chor Berlin

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Wednesday, 28. October 2009.