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66/67– Fairplay is over [Dirk Dresselhaus]

66/67– Fairplay is over [Dirk Dresselhaus]
Product No.:CST 8132.2

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“66/67” is the name of a football fan club that binds six men together since their youth. But to its members, “66/67” means much more than just a regular fan club. These numbers represent a world of it’s own to them, revolved around their leader Florian. A world dominated by passion, adrenaline and violence. While being among themselves they feel protected from the everyday lives’ problems like job pressure and expectations of their families and girl-friends.

But in summer 2008, while their football team faces relegation to the fourth division, their self-made walls begin to crumble. Their fellowship is increasingly beleaguered by questions from outside its ranks. They feel it - their time is running out.

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack composed by Dirk Dresselhaus aka Schneider TM.

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Cat.-No.:     CST 8132.2
Format:     CD
Barcode:     4005939813222
Release Date:     2009-11-13
Website D:     http://www.farbfilm-verleih.de/filme/66_67.html
Music:     Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Composer:     Dresselhaus Dirk
Starring:     Fabian Hinrichs, Christoph Bach, Melika Foroutan, Maxim Mehmet, Christian Ahlers
Director:     Carsten Ludwig & Jan-Christoph Glaser
Feature:     66/67 – Fairplay war gestern ist ein kompromissloses Drama über Freundschaft, Fußball und Gewalt. Die Filmmusik wurde komponiert von Dirk Dresselhaus aka Schneider TM.
Discs:     1
Genre:     Drama

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