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Bandyta [Michal Lorenc]

Bandyta [Michal Lorenc]
Product No.:CST 8073.2

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It's one of the best movies I've ever seen. And it's not because of the fact that it was made by a Polish director. "Bandyta" is a very deep and difficult movie. Great characters of Elena and Brute. What's more, if you have the opportunity to get the soundtrack buy it. But for the music, the film wouldn't be as good as it is.

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CD 1 Artist Title Time
1 Michal Lorenc Mro ito 2:03
2 Michal Lorenc Elena?s dance 3:30
3 Michal Lorenc Brute and Elena 1:56
4 Michal Lorenc Chase 1:49
5 Michal Lorenc Elena?s theme on a dulcimer 1:39
6 Michal Lorenc Mountains 2:00
7 Michal Lorenc Theft of a gun 1:57
8 Michal Lorenc Brute?s gift 1:31
9 Michal Lorenc Elena?s dream 1:45
10 Michal Lorenc Kidnapping of lorgu 2:27
11 Michal Lorenc Moscu and tatoo 2:23
12 Michal Lorenc Sunlit mountains 2:01
13 Michal Lorenc Chase, drugs & rifles 2:31
14 Michal Lorenc Balkan Requiem 3:54
15 Michal Lorenc Rain 1:54
16 Michal Lorenc Elena?s theme on a violin 1:38
17 Michal Lorenc Streets of London 2:45
18 Michal Lorenc Market 1:46
19 Michal Lorenc Elegy on the death of a hospital 1:25
20 Michal Lorenc Expectation 1:53
21 Michal Lorenc In Elena?s tunnel 1:45
22 Michal Lorenc Return 2:55
23 Michal Lorenc Elena?s dance (Second Variation) 3:30
24 Michal Lorenc Mro ito ( Second Variation ) 3:14
Cat.-No.:     CST 8073.2
German Title:     Brute
Format:     CD
Barcode:     400593980732
Release Date:     1998-02-17
Music:     Original Television Soundtrack
Composer:     Lorenc Michael
Starring:     Til Schweiger, John Hurt, Polly Walker
Director:     Maciej Dejczer
Feature:     Music composed by Michal Lorenc
Discs:     1

  • Available at the Download Music Store of your choice

This Product was added to our catalogue on Thursday, 01. April 2004.