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Lauf Junge Lauf // Run Boy Run [Stéphane Moucha]

Lauf Junge Lauf // Run Boy Run [Stéphane Moucha]
Product No.:CST 8171.2

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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music Composed by Stéphane Moucha

(The Lives Of Others, When We Leave, Stella)

RUN BOY RUN, directed by Academy Award® winning director Pepe Danquart (Semana Santa, Hell on Wheels, To the Limit), is based on the poignant true story of the trials and tribulations a nine-year-old Jewish boy has to face after he escapes the Warsaw Ghetto.

Srulik is only eight years old when he finds himself all alone in the Warsaw ghetto. He escapes into the countryside where, disguised as a Christian orphan, he spends the ensuing years hiding in the forest, dependent on the sympathies and generosity of the poor farmers in the surrounding area. Despite the seemingly insurmountable odds, several chases, captures, attempted executions, and even the loss of his arm, Srulik miraculously survives.

Stéphane Moucha is known for his work with Academy Award® winner Gabriel Yared. For Run Boy Run he has created a fine piece of work with heartrending melodies and delicate instrumentation.  

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CD 1 Artist Title Time
1 Stéphane Moucha Snow fields (Opening part1) 01:07
2 Stéphane Moucha Storm (Opening part2) 01:30
3 Stéphane Moucha Farm attack 01:19
4 Stéphane Moucha Children‘s picnic 01:48
5 Stéphane Moucha Action 00:31
6 Stéphane Moucha Alone in the forest 01:44
7 Stéphane Moucha Mrs Janczyk’s lullaby 02:15
8 Stéphane Moucha Out of the ghetto 01:57
9 Stéphane Moucha Leaving mrs J 01:05
10 Stéphane Moucha Winter at Wröbels 02:08
11 Stéphane Moucha Pee competition 00:48
12 Stéphane Moucha Azor 02:22
13 Stéphane Moucha Scared in basement 01:28
14 Stéphane Moucha Vision of Blonie 01:08
15 Stéphane Moucha Escape from Gestapo headquarters 01:30
16 Stéphane Moucha Hiding and running 01:36
17 Stéphane Moucha Hiding in water 01:11
18 Stéphane Moucha In the fields with Pavel 01:15
19 Stéphane Moucha Srulik’s accident 00:55
20 Stéphane Moucha Corridor nightmare 01:22
21 Stéphane Moucha Suffering in hospital 01:54
22 Stéphane Moucha Srulik is recovering 01:31
23 Stéphane Moucha Escape from hospital 02:11
24 Stéphane Moucha River trip 02:26
25 Stéphane Moucha Potatoe field 00:33
26 Stéphane Moucha Soldiers in house 01:37
27 Stéphane Moucha Burned house 01:26
28 Stéphane Moucha From farm to farm 02:54
29 Stéphane Moucha Water play 01:24
30 Stéphane Moucha Communion 01:21
31 Stéphane Moucha Moshe arrives 01:20
32 Stéphane Moucha Game is over 02:01
33 Stéphane Moucha Back to Blonie 01:50
34 Stéphane Moucha Shabbat 01:05
35 Stéphane Moucha Father’s death 02:16
36 Stéphane Moucha Tel Aviv 01:51
37 Stéphane Moucha End credits Lauf Junge Lauf 05:02
Cat.-No.:     CST 8171.2
German Title:     LAUF JUNGE LAUF
Format:     CD
Barcode:     4005939817121
Release Date:     2014-04-11
Composer:     Moucha, Stéphane
Starring:     Andy Tkacz, Elisabeth Duda, Jeanette Hain, Rainer Bock, Sebastian Hülk
Director:     Pepe Danquart
Discs:     CD
Genre:     Drama, War
Orchester:     Macedonian Radio Orchestra

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Wednesday, 19. February 2014.