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L'Affaire Farewell [Clint Mansell]

L'Affaire Farewell [Clint Mansell]
Art.Nr.:CST 8133.2

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In 1981, Colonel Grigoriev (whose name in real life was Vladimir Vetrov) of the KGB, who was disenchanted with what the Communist ideal had become under Brezhnev, decides he is going to change the world.

Discreetly, he makes contact with a French engineer working for Thomson in Moscow and little by little passes on documents to him - mainly concerning the United States - containing information which would constitute the most important Cold War espionage operation known to date.

Ronald Reagan, President of the USA at this time, set aside his reluctance to work with a French Socialist to put this unhoped-for information from the very heart of the KGB to use.    «Farewell» would in fact decapitate the network which enabled the KGB to gain in-depth knowledge of scientific, industrial and military research in the West.

Once the USSR had been deprived of these precious sources of information, Ronald Reagan’s announcement of the new «Star Wars» military programme sounded the death toll of the Soviet Union.

The Berlin Wall would fall before the end of the 80s. In his own way, «Farewell» managed to change the world, by avoiding traditional espionage methods too well known to the KGB and by not asking for any financial compensation whatsoever – much too capitalist for his taste. He simply followed his destiny, so that a new world might dawn for all his fellow Russians, but especially for his son.

Clint Mansell provides a powerful score for this tale. The CD also features the tracks from the movie by by Joe Jackson, Simple Minds, Les choeurs de l'armée rouge and Cyril Morin.

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Autor:Jocelyn Clarke 16.04.2010
Bewertung:4 von 5 Sternen!
Since his first score for Darren Aronofsky’s Pi in 1998, Pop Will Eat Itself founder Clint Mansell has written several distinctive and original scores, including World Traveller, Abandon, Moon, Requiem for a Dream and The Fountain . The latter two (both for Aronofsky) are sampled frequently in trailers and other films. With each successive score he favours an increasingly lean and laconic style of long melodic lines, idiosyncratic instrumentation and brooding electronica. Mansell’s taut score for L’Affaire Farewell , a French Cold War thriller, is his sparest yet, combining subtle variations on a single elegant theme with jittery polyrhythms and glittering colours (sonorous piano, nervy balalaika, churning electric guitar). Climaxing in the 15-minute- long cue Secrets and Lies , a near perfect fusion of romance and paranoia, Mansell’s compelling score rarely resolves or relents in either tension or menace.

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CD 1 Interpret Titel Länge
1 Clint Mansell La Guerre Froide (Cold War) 01:53
2 Clint Mansell Le Mur (The Wall) 00:56
3 Clint Mansell Super 8 01:40
4 Clint Mansell Paranoia 02:42
5 Clint Mansell Camarades (Comrades) 03:39
6 Clint Mansell Arrestations (Arrests) 03:02
7 Clint Mansell Ambuscade (Ambush) 03:02
8 Clint Mansell Frontiere (Border) 02:56
9 Clint Mansell Farewell 01:15
10 Clint Mansell Sacrifice 03:48
11 Clint Mansell Secrets et Mensonges (Secrets and Lies) 15:55
12 Cyril Morin Awakening 03:06
13 Joe Jackson Steppin' Out 04:24
14 Simple Minds Scar 03:32
15 Les chœurs de l'armée rouge Varchiavanka 03:42
Artikel Nr.:     CST 8133.2
Original Titel:     L'Affaire Farewell
French Title:     L'Affaire Farewell
Format:     CD
Barcode:     4005939813321
Release Date:     2009-09-23
Website US:     http://laffairefarewell-lefilm.com/
Music:     Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Composer:     Mansell Clint
Starring:     Guillaume Canet, Emir Kusturica, Alexandra Maria Lara, Willem Dafoe
Director:     Christian Carion
Feature:     Clint Mansell provides a powerful score for this tale. The CD also features the tracks from the movie by by Joe Jackson, Simple Minds, Les choeurs de l'armée rouge and Cyril Morin.
Discs:     1
Genre:     Drama

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