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Matenrou Opera [ Gilia - Europe Edition ] CD/DVD

Matenrou Opera  [ Gilia - Europe Edition ] CD/DVD
9,99 EUR
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Product No.:CLJ 8836-2.2
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The first album [ GILIA ] of the newcomer band Matenrou Opera contains as European version 8 tracks, including the successful single [ Ruriiro de egaku niji ] which entered #11 of the Japanese indies charts. The five guys attract all attention with their really strong and expressive songs. Thanks to the great mixture of heavy metal and classical elements, the album presents itself as an unforgettable acoustic masterpiece, you can’t get enough of!


Matenrou Opera is a young band who blew everyone away with their first appearance. The band was formed by the vocalist Sono and the drummer Yu in spring 2007. On the day of their first live concert they released their first single [ alkaloid showcase ] and it sold out in a couple of minutes. Matenrou Opera fascinates through their dark yet stylish appearance as well as Sonos exceptional voice, which adds an exquisite uniqueness to the fantastic songs.

Their European fans had already the chance to witness Matenrou Operas great abilities in performing at the Coupling-tour - together with VERSAILLES -through Europe in April.


Matenrou Opera - a great newcomer band which enthrals the fans with their dark and mysterious atmosphere!


Extra: Booklet feat. English and Romaji lyrics. Special European edition including 3 additional tracks.



Sono: Vocals

anzi: Guitar

Ayame: Keyboard

Yo: Bass

Yu: Drums


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Cat.-No.:     CLJ 8836-2.2
Format:     CD/DVD
Barcode:     4046167883625
Release Date:     2008-05-14
Website D:     www.cljrecords.com
Composer:     Matenrou Opera
Feature:     Special Version für Europa mit 3 extra Tracks.
Discs:     2
Genre:     J-Rock, Visual Kei
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This Product was added to our catalogue on Friday, 25. April 2008.