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Matenrou Opera [ Ruriiro de egaku niji ] SiCD

Matenrou Opera [ Ruriiro de egaku niji ] SiCD
Art.Nr.:CLI 8705.3

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"Ruriiro de egaku niji" 

01.Ruriiro de egaku niji
02.honey drop
03.Boukyaku Celluloid

Direct Japanese Import 

Matenrou Opera was formed by sono(vo/ex.Jeniva)) and yu(ds) in Spring, 2007. Their first live show was at Urawa Narciss on May 4th 2007. On the same day they released their first single "akaloid showcase" and it sold out very quickly.

After some shows, Mika(g) and Karen(key) decided to leave the band and the last show with the original line-up was at Ikebukuro Cyber on Nov 17 2007.

After that anzi and ayame joined them and the new Matenrou Opera appeared at an event by Sherow Artist Society , which is run by KAMIJO (Versailles), in Omotesandou FAB on Dec 23.

I-Tunes: https://itunes.apple.com/de/album/ruriirode-egaku-niji-ep/id298807941

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CD 1 Interpret Titel Länge
1 Matenrou Opera Ruriiro de egaku niji 04:27
2 honey drop 03:49
3 Boukyaku Celluloid 05:39
Artikel Nr.:     CLI 8705.3
Format:     SiCD
Website D:     www.cljrecords.com
Feature:     New Maxi Single - direct Japanese Import
Discs:     1

  • Erhältlich im Download Music Shop Ihrer Wahl

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