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lynch. [ THE BURIED ]

lynch. [ THE BURIED ]
9,99 EUR
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Product No.:CLJ 8827-2.2
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lynch.3rd full album [THE BURIED] including 10 songs plus extra DVD Live footage from the [TOWARD THE AVOIDED SUNRISE] TOUR FINAL 07.02 at Shibuya O-WEST .


Special-CD+DVD for Europe featuring extra booklet with lyrics in English + Romaji.


The Band:

lynch. was formed in August 2004 by vocalist Hazuki (ex deathgaze), guitarist Reo (ex Gullet) and drummer asanao (ex Sicstar). The three were eventually joined by Yukino (also ex Gullet) as their support bassist. They held their first concert on December 27th in Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO. Their first release was the ten track greedy DEAD souls album in April 2005. A release of this size for a new band was almost unheard of and it drew attention to the band. lynch. went on a few tours to promote the album as well as a coupling tour with deadman and a few events with Babylon. Their next release was the maxi underneath the skin in November, which sold out early on and is very hard to find now. lynch. finished up the year with the oneman tour underneath above ground. This year, however, they're more ambitious than ever. Their second full album, THE AVOIDED SUN, was released on April 25th. Now the third album [THE BURIED] will soon be released, first time nearly simoulteanously in Europe too





Guitar: Reo

Guitar: Yusuke

Drums: Asanao


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Cat.-No.:     CLJ 8827-2.2
Format:     CD/DVD
Barcode:     4046167882727
Release Date:     2007-11-30
Website D:     www.cljrecords.com
Composer:     lynch.
Feature:     lynch. - eine geniale Band für alle Fans der düsteren Seite des Visual Kei! .
Discs:     2
Genre:     J-Rock, Visual Kei
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